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'; $pdf = new FPDI(); $pdf->SetAuthor('Foo'); $pdf->SetTitle('Bar'); $pdf->SetSubject('Baz'); $pdf->AddPage(); $pdf->Image('images/logo.png', 10, 10, 30, 30, '', '', false, false, false, false); $pdf->Image('images/logo.png', 5, 5, 50, 50, '', '', false, false, false, false); $pdf->SetFont('Times', '', 14); $pdf->WriteHTML(implode('', $html)); $pdf->Output('test.pdf', 'D'); Preparing to get married? Awesome! Maybe you’re already married? Awesome! Or you just have a crush on someone? Awesome! Whether you’re getting engaged or already married, I have some personal, and very candid advice for you to follow. There’s no doubt that first impressions count. Whether you’re chatting up your favorite guy at a bar, or you’re introducing your new wife to the family, your first impression will matter, and I can tell you from experience that it will matter even more during your wedding. This is especially true if you’re already married. It may not seem like a lot of wedding etiquette, but a few simple pointers can make your wedding experience much more enjoyable for all of you. 1. Give Everyone a Peek The secret to a successful wedding is to make sure that everyone who’s invited feels like they’re included in the planning process. That means giving everyone a peek at your wedding invitation, letting them know that it’s not private information, and including them in some of the decisions you’re making. Yes, I realize this may seem risky, but I’m telling you from experience that if you’re in control of your wedding it’ll go much smoother. If you’re bringing someone to your wedding who’s not a blood relative, it’s probably best to give that person a peek at the invitation before the wedding date. This way, if they meet your fiancé or bride or even your best friend’s wife, they won’t be thrown off guard by some random, unknown




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